Marketing Kick-Start

Grow your business & boost your bottom line with mix & match Kick-start support services.

In the UK, over 600,000 new businesses open each year*. Help yours stand out & succeed with marketing that generates real results.

With a growing number of new businesses opening each year & ever-increasing global competition, it takes more than luck for your business to succeed. Give your company the foundation it needs to stand out with fully tailored, step-by-step support & guidance from a senior marketing professional. Designed for ambitious businesses who want to grow, our flexible packages help you identify, understand, implement & monitor easy-to-use & cost-effective marketing tactics for your business.


Perfect for startups looking for investment, solopreneurs who are doing it all & SMEs who have yet to start marketing. Our Kick-start packages include:


Grow your business with a fully tailored plan that helps you achieve your goals. Created for you with your experience level, available resource & business needs in mind. Available with all of our Marketing Kick-start packages.


Develop the marketing skills you need to successfully implement & monitor the performance of your marketing plan. Book coaching sessions for yourself or your marketer. Available with Hands-on or Bespoke packages only.


From fully tailored consultancy sessions to easy-to-afford payment plans, our Kick-start packages are designed with growing businesses in mind.

Sessions fully tailored to your business, goals, budget, experience level & resource.

Easy to attend – no waiting or commuting. Full session recordings sent to you for review.

Q&A email support with easy access to your senior consultant from Monday to Friday.

Pay upfront or spread the cost with part payment options. Secure your booking with a deposit.


Select the package that gives you & your business the kick-start you need.


Bespoke marketing plans that give you direction & clarity.
Delivered online

2 x 4 hour planning sessions*
Build your marketing plan with hands-on planning & measurement sessions.

1 x 1 hour check in session
A Q&A call to discuss your marketing plan implementation progress & issues.

4 x weeks of email support
Extra support & guidance with access to your consultant, Monday to Friday***.

Secure your place when you’re ready
with a deposit of £405


All the benefits of Planning + the skills to implement new activities.
Delivered online

2 x 4 hour planning sessions*
Create your marketing plan with intensive planning & measurement support.

2 x 4 hour coaching sessions*
Step-by-step guidance to help you set up, implement & monitor activities in your plan.

1 x 1 hour check in session
A check in call to discuss marketing plan implementation progress & issues.

6 x weeks of email support
Out of session help from your consultant, Monday to Friday***.

Secure your place when you’re ready
with a deposit of £780

From £240

Mix & match sessions & resources to meet your needs.
Delivered online

Bespoke x consultancy sessions
Bespoke sessions to help you strategise, plan & review future direction.

Bespoke x planning sessions
Planning & measurement sessions to help you create your marketing plan.

Bespoke x coaching sessions
Tailored coaching & training sessions to help you implement activities in your plan.

Bespoke x check in sessions
Discuss questions & obstacles to implementation in your follow-up review call.

Bespoke x resources & add-ons
Include Support for your marketers, training or other consultancy services**.

Bespoke x weeks of email support
Access to your consultant outside of session times***.

Secure your place when you’re ready
deposit available with quote

*The most effective way to run these sessions is to split them into separate 4 hour sessions. However, they can be booked as an 8 hour session if required.
** Discounts apply for resources & add-on services when they are part of a Marketing kick-start package that includes consultancy & training sessions.
*** Limit of 1 hour of email support per week. Where more is requested, pro rata rates will apply.


It’s important to work with a consultant who truly understands your vision & your business. That’s why we do all that we can to ensure that you’re able to discuss the service & meet your consultant before you commit. We guarantee:

You’ll work with a senior consultant who has over 13 years of international marketing experience spanning: the creation, implementation & review of strategies & plans, management of budgets & pitching to board directors & investors.

Before you commit, enjoy a complimentary, no obligation 30 minute call, discussing your goals & expectations with a senior consultant. A great way to address concerns & ask questions. Get a feel for the service & the consultant that you will be working with.

We’re confident that you will love your sessions, but, if after the 1st one, you decide that it’s not right for you, or not what you expected, let us know before your 2nd review session & we’ll refund any money paid, minus your non-refundable deposit.

Not sure which package is right for you?


Who is this service for?
The Marketing kick-start packages have been designed for a.) new businesses & b.) established SMEs who haven’t invested any time or money in marketing. Depending on which package you purchase, the service can provide assistance in creating a marketing plan & hands-on coaching sessions to help you (or a colleague) begin implementing the marketing activities outlined within your plan. Check in sessions are included as standard, offering you the opportunity to speak with your senior consultant & discuss any obstacles or issues that are preventing you from moving forward. Bespoke packages can offer a number of other services & resources, depending on your business & your needs.

What’s the difference between the Hands-on package & the Planning package?
The biggest difference between the two is that the Planning package only provides consultancy & check in sessions, while the Hands-on package also offers coaching sessions. These coaching sessions help you learn how to start turning your plan into measurable marketing activities. They also show you processes & time management hacks to help you fit more marketing into your week, without working longer.

I own a business & don’t have enough money to hire a marketer – do I really need to kick-start the marketing myself?
This decision is entirely up to you, however it’s worth noting that without any marketing at all (this includes building your personal brand & creating promotional collateral), attracting new clients, customers & partnerships can be quite difficult. This package isn’t designed to give you an incredibly complex marketing plan that you’ll need to work full-time on, it’s about helping you understand what you can do now & in the future, with the time & resources you have available. It also allows you to understand which activities could be prioritised, based on the goals & expectations that you have.

Will these packages help me understand how I can tell if my marketing is working?
All marketing plans include key measurements for you to monitor, however, a walk-through of how to create & review these measurements is only provided when you choose the Hands-on kick-start package.

When is the bespoke package the best choice?
The bespoke package is designed for businesses who are ready to go beyond the basic kick-start package. For example, they may want more time for training & coaching, with additional marketing channels covered. Bespoke training or support for in-house marketers can also be provided as part of the package, helping business owners & senior management work with marketers on a marketing plan & its roll-out. Additional features such as ongoing training days or access to on-demand online training can also be included.

How are sessions delivered online?
All Hands-on & Planning packages & the majority of Bespoke packages are delivered online. This is done via secure video conferencing. With your own private online training room, we can provide you with face to face training that also allows for: shared editing of documents, the sharing of one or multiple screens & more. Each session is recorded (unless requested otherwise) & sent to you so you can review everything in your own time – no note taking required.

What are the benefits of online training?
Training online means no no commuting to training facilities, the ability to participate wherever you are in the world &, thanks to lower overheads, reduced training costs (without having to compromise on quality).

Can I have my free 30 minute consultation call on the same video conference software that you use to deliver the Kick-start packages?
Absolutely! Just tell us that you would like to trial our video conferencing software on our consultation call.

How do I book & pay?
Booking & payment options are discussed on your free 30 minute consultation call. Part payments can also be confirmed at this point in time.

If you verbally confirm & schedule your booking, you will need to pay your deposit or the full price (depending on whether you would like to pay up front or via a part payment plan) within 3 working days. Payments can be made via invoice & bank transfer or Stripe. If payment is not received within this time period, your reserved dates & times will be made available to others.

How do refunds work?
The cost of each course is divided into a deposit to secure your booking & 1 or more part payments depending on your payment agreement. If you cancel your booking 21 days before your first session, you’ll receive a refund of 100% of the total amount paid, with no further payments required. After this time, you’ll be able to cancel your package & request a refund until after your first session. You must make your request to cancel before your second session is due to begin; all of the money that you have paid minus your non-refundable deposit will be returned to you. Please note that deposits are required to secure your place; they apply to upfront payment & part payments.

* Figures were first published by Andy Bounds in the Financial Times in October 2017. Link to article quoted.